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Which Products are Traded at Eurex Exchange?

Eurex offers products covering ten different product groups:

  • Interest Rate Derivatives
  • Equity Derivatives
  • Equity Index Derivatives
  • Dividend Derivatives
  • Volatility Derivatives
  • Exchange Traded Funds Derivatives
  • Commodity Derivatives
  • Weather Derivatives
  • Property Derivatives
  • Inflation Derivatives

The three most important product groups with the highest turnover are Interest Rate Derivatives (Fixed Income Derivatives), Equity Derivatives and Equity Index Derivatives. Aside these three product groups especially Dividend Derivatives, Volatility Derivatives and Commodity Derivatives have gained in importance since their respective introductions.



Interest Rate Derivatives
Market participants can trade futures and options across the entire euro yield curve: starting with EONIA and EURIBOR products at the short end of the curve, proceeding to fixed-income derivatives on German government bonds, Italien government bonds, bonds of the French Republic and Swiss government bonds covering the 2, 5, 10 and 30*-year maturity ranges. (*The exact maturities differ from product to product.)

Euro Bund, Euro Bobl and Euro Schatz futures and options attract the highest traded volumes in fixed-income derivatives worldwide.

  • Fixed Income Derivatives
  • Money Market Derivatives

Equity Derivatives
Eurex offers standardized equity options and futures on a variety of european, brasilian and US-american shares. The range of underlying instruments comprises blue chip stocks of leading national and international indices from various countries. Eurex equity options can for instance be traded on all components of the EURO STOXX 50® Index. Eurex equity futures mostly cover all of the STOXX® Europe 600 Index.

Furthermore, Low Exercise Price Options (LEPOs) and Weekly Options (options with a maturity of one week) can be traded.

LEPOs are options with a very low exercise price.

Example: The buyer of a call option has the right to purchase shares that are currently trading at EUR 100, at an exercise price of EUR 1. Therefore, the option price will move virtually in tandem with the share price, turning the LEPO into a substitute for the share.

Equity Index Derivatives
Eurex's equity index portfolio covers futures and options on the most liquid Global, European and national indexes like the Dow Jones Global Titans 50 IndexSM, EURO STOXX 50® Index, DAX®, SMI® or MSCI Russia Index as well as derivatives on all 19 EURO STOXX®/STOXX® Europe 600 Supersectors and futures on 5 Dow Jones Sector Titans IndexesSM.

  • DAX
  • SMI
  • SLI Swiss Leader Index
  • OMXH25
  • Dow Jones
  • STOXX Indizes
  • MSCI Index
  • Sensex
  • Kospi

The products with the highest turnover are futures and options on the EURO STOXX 50® Index.

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