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What is the Eurex Group?

Eurex Group includes six businesses with representative offices around the world. Each of these businesses play a key role in the financial industry:

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One of Eurex Exchange’s most important product groups are fixed income derivatives – one of the most liquid products worldwide – Euro-denominated equity index and equity derivatives.


A large part of turnover within interest rate derivatives comes from fixed income derivatives (underlying are German, Italian, Swiss and French government bonds). The highest turnover making product is the Euro Bund future. Open interest shows the number of not yet closed contracts through countertrades. EURO STOXX 50 futures and options generate the most turnover within equity index derivatives.


Within equity index derivatives EURO STOXX 50® Index Futures and Options have the highest turnover.


Eurex´s success is attributable — amongst other things — to its broad and attractive product range, its efficient market structure and its fully-computerized electronic trading platform that connects more than 400 exchange members (as of January 2014).

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