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Which Components of a Futures Contract are Standardized?

The derivatives exchange stipulates the contractual components for futures contracts via the contract specifications. Amongst other things, futures contracts are standardized as to:

Underlying Instrument Notional German Government Bond; government bonds with a remaining time to maturity of 8.5 to 10.5 years (as from the delivery date) can be delivered.
Contract size EUR 100,000 000 nominal amount
Minimum price movement 0.01 percent = EUR 10
Laufzeit Liefermonate sind die jeweils nächsten drei Quartalsmonate aus dem Zyklus März, Juni, September, Dezember.
Maturity Delivery months are the next three months of the quarterly March, June, September, December cycle.
Delivery day The 10th day of the delivery month
Margin requirement Standardised margin calculation

Standardization at Eurex Exchange aims at harmonizing products as much as possible, in order to make them more comparable and thereby facilitating trading.

Example: All Fixed Income Futures at Eurex Exchange have identical maturities, delivery days and contract sizes (EUR 100,000; CHF 100,000 for futures on Swiss government bonds.)

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